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Epfls Lisbonne école française maternelle et primaire Portugal

Language policy


The languages taught from the Small Section:
- French language (mother tongue or French language of schooling)
- Portuguese language (mother tongue or language of the host country)

The weekly duration of instruction in (in) Portuguese will be 3.5 hours per week,

including1 hour in Non-Linguistic Discipline (DNL). (EPS, Arts or Music).
An agreement is planned with the DGE (Direction Générale de l'Enseignement Portugais) for students from

Portuguese nationality, or who will wish to live or study in Portugal for port education-

3h30 or 3h45 per week. This teaching must target part of the skills

Portuguese national programmes.

On entering CP, children are divided into separate learning groups for language learning: the objectives and pathways are different according to the student profiles.
- Portuguese as a First Language (PLP): children pursue the objectives defined among those of national programmes in conjunction with French programmes.
- Host country language or Portuguese as a Modern Language (PLV): PLV students aim to achieve the objectives of the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR / A1, A2 or B1 depending on the students) in order to acquire skills that will be validated by certifications (if possible: Camoes) according to the level reached, end of CM2, or at the time the student leaves school.

From CE1, 1 hour of English per week for all, but other languages will be possible (to be studied according to the background of each child).

If parents so wish, language certifications can be set up (Cambridge, etc.....) knowing that it will always depend on each child's individual project and even Chinese teaching thanks to our educational partner Les Cours Legendre EAD for CM1 and CM2.

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