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Epfls Lisbonne école française maternelle et primaire Portugal

Le Primaire

From CP to CM2, structured and planned weekly courses to progress at the pace of each child in order to give them a solid foundation to enter college.

Our programs have three fundamental objectives that apply to all classes:

- To know how to READ and to develop the TASTE of reading
- Know how to COUNT, REASON


To learn to read, the syllabic method is practiced (letters, then syllables, then words). Grammar and conjugation are learned in a very academic and classical way: rules, application exercises and exception learning. Four dictations prepared per week and on the last day a control dictation. The vocabulary encountered in the texts of our great French authors (P. LOTI, G de MAUPASSANT, E. ZOLA, J. RENARD, R. BAZIN, A. FRANCE...) is rich and varied.

Written expression allows children to develop their creativity while learning to master different writing styles and practising their syntax and vocabulary.


In calculation, the counting is very thorough in the first classes. Mental calculation is a daily exercise. Mathematical reasoning is constructed and the proposed problems will be
of increasing difficulty.

Our students will be able to register for French national competitions, such as the Kangaroo competition.

Discovery of the world 

In S.V.T: the study of plants, minerals and animals allows children to approach structured reasoning through classification. The human body and major natural phenomena will also be studied.

Geography: first a lesson in terminology (for example, learning the vocabulary of the terrain: cliffs, plateaus, causses, plains...) then the discovery of France and Portugal, especially its regions, rivers and their tributaries.

History: events are learned chronologically and the major historical landmarks are given to children. The programme covers all periods, from prehistory to the 5th republic.

In science:


energy sources, technical objects, the air around us with the implementation of the investigation process. (https://www.fondation-lamap.org/)

Civic Instruction:

with the themes of French society, its institutions, the constitution, religions, education, human rights, etc.


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